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Static package volume measuring all-in-one machine GS210Y automatically collects length width height weight data

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-10-18 17:15

  Static package volume measuring all-in-one machine GS210Y automatically collects length width height weight data

  Customer Profile

  The customer is a logistics supply chain management enterprise in Dongguan. Its main businesses include goods import and export, technology import and export, customs declaration agency and product wholesale and retail. At present, its business scope has expanded to Asia, Europe, America and other regions, and its business volume has increased year by year.

  Project requirements

  In the daily processing of logistics parcels, at present, it is mainly through manual measurement of the size and weight information of each piece of goods, making labels for the goods to be classified and warehoused, and finally entering the data into the management system, which requires a lot of time, labor and cost.

  Customers hope to have equipment that can automatically collect parcel data and interface with the system, which can help enterprises to efficiently collect cargo information and interface with the system, reduce labor, improve operation efficiency and optimize benefits.


  GS210Y is a static volume measurement DWS device, which uses 3D vision technology and exclusive measurement algorithm to measure regular/irregular small and medium-sized logistics packages. Can customize glass table top to measure ultra-thin soft goods; Customized battery, with long endurance of 12h.

  Compared with the labor efficiency of 30s/piece, the GS210Y equipment can quickly complete the functions of square measurement+weighing+scanning+photographing+system docking in only 1s, with an accuracy of ± 1mm, which is efficient and accurate and saves labor.

  Cooperation significance

  Through the introduction of the GS210Y volume measurement DWS equipment, the logistics operation efficiency of the customer's warehouse has been significantly improved. Workers have more time to complete other work, which can create greater prices in unit time, and the economic benefits of the enterprise have been improved.


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