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Yifang Technology GM200 light curtain DWS volume and weight measurement passed quickly

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-10-12 18:07

  Yifang Technology GM200 light curtain DWS volume and weight measurement passed quickly

  Customer profile:

  SHEIN, a leading enterprise in China's cross-border e-commerce, plays an important role in cross-border clothing, shoes and bags and other fast fashion fields, ranking as the fifth largest unicorn enterprise in the world.

  Project Challenges:

  The international transportation of express packages requires measuring the volume and weight to calculate the freight. The traditional manual measurement method is inefficient, prone to various errors, unclear cost accounting, and increased enterprise operating costs.

  Project plan:

  Considering that customers mainly focus on small and medium-sized parcels and have high requirements for the accuracy of volume and weight measurement, we provide a GM200 light curtain volume measurement scheme, which supports the measurement of small and medium-sized parcels within 1500 * 800 * 800mm, and also supports the measurement of 1.5m long parcels, with an accuracy of ± 1mm and an efficiency of 1500 pieces/hour.

  Cooperation significance:

  Yifang Technology has cooperated with Xiyin to provide it with an efficient smart logistics package data collection scheme, realizing the transformation and upgrading to automated logistics, and achieving the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase; GM200 light curtain volume measuring equipment has been highly recognized by customers. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality logistics solutions to solve their problems!


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