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Package volume measurement DWS equipment accurately obtains length, width, height, weight and barcode information

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-10-08 11:12

  Package volume measurement DWS equipment accurately obtains length, width, height, weight and barcode information

  In the field of logistics, the package volume measurement DWS equipment is being widely promoted and used. Many logistics workers just do not know what the package volume measurement DWS is, and listen to the introduction of the foreign editor:

  The package volume measurement DWS equipment, understood from its name, is a device for measuring the volume of express packages. D stands for dimension, W stands for weight, and S stands for scanning. This equipment has the functions of volume measurement, weighing, and scanning at the same time.

  The classification of DWS equipment for parcel volume measurement can be divided into:

  Static measurement DWS

  The barcode, size, volume and weight information of the package can be obtained by manually placing the goods on the designated measuring table of the volume measurement DWS, which is suitable for enterprises with small amount of goods.

  Dynamic measurement DWS

  Through the connection with the belt assembly line, the goods can be placed on the conveyor belt at will. After the volume measurement DWS equipment, the goods information can be collected automatically without manual intervention. It is suitable for large logistics parks and sorting centers.

  Bulk cargo survey DWS

  This type of package volume measurement DWS is mainly for large goods, such as goods with pallets. It is difficult to measure manually with low accuracy. Through the large goods measurement DWS equipment, you can accurately and efficiently collect goods information, saving labor and time costs.

  Logistics enterprises can select appropriate DWS equipment for volume measurement according to their own needs, so as to better collect goods information for inbound and outbound management, expense accounting and other operations, which helps enterprises reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency and achieve economic growth.


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