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Volume measurement DWS equipment helps logistics e-commerce express enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-09-27 15:05

  Volume measurement DWS equipment helps logistics e-commerce express enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

  Industry background

  As we all know, e-commerce and logistics are complementary and mutually successful. With the change and development of Internet e-commerce, the logistics industry will also usher in a new round of adjustment and change.

  In order to gain more market share, the logistics industry is becoming more and more involved. Optimizing and improving the logistics service level is a problem that every logistics enterprise needs to face. During this transformation, more and more problems are exposed.

  Industry pain points

  Take the logistics freight forwarding company as an example. When goods are warehoused, it is necessary to manually attach barcode labels to the goods, and then measure the length, width, height, volume, weight and other information through the volume scale, input the data into the enterprise ERP management system, and finally classify the goods for warehousing.

  At present, most logistics enterprises collect goods information manually, which has many disadvantages:

  Irregular/soft goods are difficult to measure

  There is measurement error in volume and weight data

  High labor cost and long time consumption

  Manual data entry system is prone to errors

  With the further development of enterprises, these problems become more and more prominent, and some effective solutions are urgently needed to help enterprises out of the predicament.


  Goodscan series volume measurement DWS equipment adopts advanced 3D vision and light curtain measurement technology, which can help enterprises quickly collect various information of regular/irregular goods. It only takes 1s to complete operations such as "measurement+weighing+scanning+photographing+docking". The measurement accuracy is ± 1mm. The data real-time synchronization system can be exported and viewed at any time.

  Targeted solutions according to different use scenarios and needs of customers:

  GS210Y static volume measurement

  GS210Y is a static volume measurement DWS equipment, which supports measuring soft bags, convex bags and ultra-thin goods. Only one person is required to assist in the operation, which can achieve efficient collection of goods information.

  GM200Pro Dynamic Light Curtain Measurement

  GM200 adopts advanced light curtain measurement technology, supports butt joint belt assembly line, dynamically collects package data, with measurement accuracy of ± 1mm and efficiency of 3000 pieces/hour.

  GS300MAX bulk cargo measurement scheme

  The GS300 series is a volume measurement solution specially developed for bulk cargo. It can be installed in the wall and gantry. Multi lens joint measurement is available. It supports the measurement of AGV forklift whole pallet/without pallet.

  After the Goodscan series volume measurement DWS equipment was put into use, the problems encountered by the enterprise were solved:

  Regular/irregular/soft bag/ultra-thin goods can be measured

  The measurement accuracy is improved with an error of ± 1mm

  Automatic data docking system, not easy to make mistakes

  Reduce labor cost and improve operation efficiency

  In today's fierce competition, transformation and upgrading are the only way for enterprise development. If you have the same problem at the moment, you can continue to pay attention to the volume measuring equipment


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