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Express weighing and code scanning all-in-one machine, receiving, warehousing and sorting, efficient operation

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-09-06 15:17

  Express weighing and code scanning all-in-one machine, receiving, warehousing and sorting, efficient operation

  Express automatic weighing and sorting DWS is mainly used in the receiving and transportation links of express, collecting the information of each cargo, registering it in the warehouse, and then sorting and transporting it to consumers all over the country.

  This DWS mainly has the functions of size measurement, volume measurement, online weighing, barcode recognition, system docking, etc. it can effectively replace manual and efficient collection of parcel data information. The collected data information can be docked to the sorting system to sort through volume, weight, barcode and other information, and improve the efficiency of logistics operations.

  Common DWS devices include handheld devices, static devices, dynamic devices and bulk cargo measurement devices. Enterprises can select appropriate DWS devices according to their own needs, optimize operation modes, save labor, reduce costs, and improve operation efficiency and economic benefits.

  Take the GM200 light curtain volume measurement DWS as an example. The equipment is composed of two pairs of light curtain, code scanning lens, roller scale, belt line and industrial computer. It can realize the functions of "measuring square + weighing + code scanning + photographing + entering" within 1s. Both regular and irregular cargo information can be collected, with accuracy and efficiency of ± 1mm. Compared with manual operation, the efficiency is improved by about 15-30 times.

  This kind of DWS equipment for measuring the size, volume and weight of express packages is mainly used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, shopping malls and other fields. It can achieve rapid collection of goods warehousing information and accounting of outbound expenses, help enterprises reduce employment costs, increase work volume per unit time, and achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  At present, automatic weighing and sorting DWS is widely used. It helps enterprises accurately and efficiently collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of packages, and also connects the data to the enterprise ERP / WMS system to realize the pre-processing and sharing of cargo data. If you also want to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the collection of package data, automatic weighing and scanning DWS is a good choice.


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