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All in one volume measurement machine pushes the transformation and upgrading of logistics enterprises

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-30 14:42

  All in one volume measurement machine pushes the transformation and upgrading of logistics enterprises

  Since entering the network era, the rapid development of the e-commerce industry has provided an opportunity for the development of the logistics industry. At present, the logistics industry is in a period of rapid development and is about to enter the second half of efficiency optimization, quality improvement and service upgrading.

  The development of the network has led to the rise of the e-commerce industry. Hundreds of millions of express parcels have been transferred across the country. However, there are still many problems to be solved in the actual logistics link.

  First, most logistics enterprises still focus on manual operation, which is prone to error, low efficiency and high labor cost; Second, the enterprise lacks intelligent management capability, and the logistics distribution is manually allocated; Third, the industry market competition is large, and enterprises lack independent advantages.

  The product of intelligent logistics lies in its excellent management ability, which can make logistics enterprises benefit from cost reduction and efficiency increase in all aspects. Through automatic logistics equipment and intelligent system, it can realize the intelligent circulation of goods and efficient management of data information.

  As a brand-new logistics management mode, with the support of market, technology, policy and capital, the development of smart logistics has become an important way for many logistics enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. More and more enterprises have started to enter the smart logistics to realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

  In the field of intelligent logistics, automation equipment is indispensable. Take parcel volume measurement as an example, many logistics enterprises are using the DWS integrated machine for volume measurement, which can quickly and accurately collect the size, volume, weight and bar code of express parcels. Whether it is regular or irregular goods, it can be collected accurately and efficiently. It supports docking to the enterprise system and realizes the advance of cargo information.

  In this field, other parties entered earlier, and the package volume measurement technology has been at the leading level in the industry. Through advanced 3D vision and light curtain measurement technology and measurement algorithm, the efficient integration of cargo information is realized, which helps enterprises save labor, improve operation efficiency and achieve economic benefits.

  As the mainstream trend of future industry development, automated logistics should have a sense of hardship, lay out modern logistics in advance, and enable the industry to develop in a more long-term way.


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