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Cross border e-commerce problem: Volume Measurement and weighing (DWS equipment of different technologies) play an obvious role

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-16 14:32

  Cross border e-commerce problem: Volume Measurement and weighing (DWS equipment of different technologies) play an obvious role

  Thanks to the deepening of economic globalization, the domestic cross-border e-commerce industry is developing rapidly, bringing many convenience to Chinese people. However, when people enjoy the benefits brought by cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce development has encountered many problems:

  Logistics timeliness is uncertain

  There are many factors affecting the logistics timeliness. The objective factors include epidemic situation, port congestion and logistics companies. The subjective factors include personnel shortage and low operation efficiency.

  Consequences: the buyer cannot receive the goods in time, the probability of return and complaint increases, and the time limit for return and exchange increases.

  Solution: understand the logistics lines in advance, inquire the latest logistics trends after delivery, and keep in touch with customers in time; Add overseas and local warehouses to deliver goods at the "door" of customers, and shorten the logistics time.

  High comprehensive logistics cost

  Using international mainstream express such as e-mail, DHL, USPS, ups and other channels for logistics transportation, although the timeliness is guaranteed, the comprehensive logistics cost is too high, and it is not a good way to transfer the burden to consumers / themselves.


  The international logistics freight is calculated according to the volume weight. It can be comprehensively evaluated according to the characteristics, volume, weight and delivery time of the goods to select the appropriate transportation mode and effectively reduce the international transportation cost.

  Or choose a logistics company for long-term cooperation, and negotiate through business volume and cooperation time to reduce logistics costs.

  When it comes to the volume and weight of goods, there are not only errors in the traditional manual measurement, but also some irregular package size data are difficult to obtain accurately. It is easy to make mistakes when the data system is entered. When the business volume increases, the labor force will continue to increase, and the personnel cost will increase.

  Through the automatic volume measurement DWS, the goods can be placed on the measuring table or the docking line, and the volume, weight and barcode information of regular / irregular goods can be quickly collected in only 1s, with an accuracy of ± 1mm and an efficiency of 3000 pieces / hour. The cargo data can be uploaded to the system by itself; The collected cargo data can be used to intelligently analyze, dock the sorting system, match different transportation schemes, and optimize the transportation cost of the enterprise.

  In this field, Yifang technology has always been ahead of its peers. The self-developed package volume measurement DWS equipment covers static / dynamic / large cargo measurement and other types. It can be applied to various use scenarios, and can effectively help enterprises to quickly collect package information, docking logistics sorting, and realize efficient logistics operations.

  With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the use of automated logistics DWS equipment to efficiently collect package size, volume and weight information will help enterprises reduce labor costs, improve operation efficiency, and optimize economic benefits.


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