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Dynamic measurement of e-commerce package size, weighing equipment of measuring party, saving labor and improving efficiency

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-09 15:28

  E-commerce package size dynamic measurement weighing equipment saves labor and improves efficiency. In e-commerce logistics operations, we need to measure the size and weight information of packaged goods, complete warehousing and outbound operations. Through manual measurement, various errors often occur, and the measurement data is accurate. In the face of the increase in the number of packages, a large amount of labor and time costs are required.

  In view of the problems encountered by e-commerce logistics enterprises, such as difficult parcel data collection, low accuracy, long time-consuming and high labor cost, Yifang technology has a unique solution - goodscan series volume measurement DWS.

  Static package size measurement DWS is mainly applicable to enterprises with relatively small package data and no supporting assembly line and conveyor belt. It only needs manual assistance to put the goods on the measuring table, and it takes 1s to quickly identify the barcode, obtain the package size, volume and weight information, and synchronously connect it to the enterprise ERP / WMS system.

  Dynamic visual volume measurement (DWS) is commonly used in logistics centers and enterprise warehouses. With the help of assembly lines, conveyor belts and docking and sorting systems, it can automatically complete data collection operations with an efficiency of 3000 pieces / hour.

  For large-sized goods such as pallet goods and pallet goods, the matrix frame installation structure is usually adopted, and the multi-dimensional 3D camera is used to accurately measure the size and volume of goods with or without pallet, and the full data collection can be realized with the weighbridge.

  If you need to measure the size of express packages, goodscan series automatic data collection equipment can help you save labor, improve operation efficiency, and further optimize the economic benefits of the enterprise.


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