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How to measure the size of irregular logistics packages

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-26 14:02

  How to measure the size of irregular logistics packages? In international logistics, the size and weight information of express packages need to be collected and stored. How do those international freight forwarders measure the size, volume and weight of regular / irregular packages?

  It is common to measure the length, width, height and weight of the package through the ruler and volume scale, and then manually enter it into the logistics management system of the enterprise.

  This operation method has some disadvantages, such as low measurement accuracy and easy to produce large errors. Especially when the business volume increases, more labor needs to be invested to complete the existing operations, which takes a long time and the labor cost continues to increase.

  Enterprises with a large amount of business will generally automate the weighing and scanning equipment, which can not only efficiently collect the information of express parcels, ensure the measurement accuracy, but also reduce labor input and labor costs.

  Goodscan series weighing equipment of Yifang technology can effectively help enterprises collect the size, volume, weight, bar code and other information of regular / irregular goods, with an accuracy of ± 1mm and an efficiency of 3000 pieces / hour.

  There are mainly handheld PDAs, static / dynamic and bulk cargo measurement DWS devices, which can meet the cargo data collection needs of most enterprises, help enterprises improve operation efficiency, reduce operating costs, and realize the optimization of economic benefits.

  If it's you, will you consider using automatic volume measurement DWS equipment to collect the size, volume, weight and other information of logistics packages?


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