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What are the advantages of DWS equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-19 11:37

  What are the advantages of DWS equipment? The measurement of length, width, height, size and volume of e-commerce logistics packages can be achieved by goodscan series weighing and scanning DWS equipment. It only takes 1s and the accuracy is ± 1mm.

  The traditional way to collect package data is usually to measure the size information through a manual ruler, calculate the volume, weigh, identify the bar code, and manually summarize and input the obtained data into the enterprise system. There are many processes and the operation takes a long time.

  Goodscan series volume measurement DWS adopts 3D vision + light curtain measurement technology, combined with "3D Remote Sensing + photogrammetry + computer vision" and other technologies. It can efficiently collect the volume, weight and barcode information of regular / irregular express packages in only 1 second. The data is automatically connected to the ERP system of the enterprise through the interface to realize efficient data collection.

  In the field of logistics, express parcels need to measure the size, weight, bar code identification and other information. Through automatic data acquisition DWS equipment, we can quickly obtain various information of goods, which is convenient for product classification and subsequent distribution.

  In e-commerce companies, various information needs to be counted for goods warehousing and outbound. Relying on the weighing DWS equipment of the quantity side, the collection of goods warehousing information and the accounting of outbound expenses can be effectively realized.

  Online offline supermarket, food, fruits and vegetables warehouse in and warehouse out information collection also need to carry out steps such as bar code identification and weight measurement. Relying on goodscan series weighing equipment, accurate data collection can still be achieved.

  The application of volume measurement DWS equipment is far more than these. It is applicable to industries involving size, volume, weight and scanning requirements. At present, it has been widely used in logistics, warehousing, supermarkets, medical treatment, manufacturing and other fields, helping more and more enterprises reduce labor costs, achieve efficiency improvement, and also plays a major role in optimizing the economic benefits of enterprises.


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