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How to measure the volume of irregular express parcels

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-14 15:28

  How to measure the volume of irregular express packages? Conventional e-commerce express packages are packed in cartons. The length, width and height are relatively fixed, and the measurement of size and volume is relatively convenient. If you encounter irregular goods, the length, width and height data are difficult to obtain, and the error rate is high, which is easy to bring losses to enterprises.

  Is there any equipment that can provide information about the size and volume of regular / irregular goods? Of course, there is a kind of logistics DWS equipment that can measure the size and volume of irregular goods such as convex, soft and ultra-thin goods.

  Goodscan series weighing and scanning DWS is a data acquisition device independently developed by foreign science and technology. It can quickly collect the volume, weight, bar code and other information of regular / irregular goods, support photo storage, data archiving and synchronous docking with enterprise erp/wms system.

  Taking gs210m dynamic vision DWS as an example, using 3D vision technology, package data can be automatically collected on the dynamic assembly line. The measurement takes only 1s, the accuracy is ± 1mm, and the efficiency can reach 3000 pieces / hour. It can also connect with sorting, labeling machine, sealing machine and other equipment, making the operation more efficient.

  The traditional manual collection of cargo data requires measuring the length, width and height, weighing, scanning the code, taking photos, and finally manually entering the obtained data into the enterprise management system. It takes at least 30 seconds for a single cargo to complete these processes.

  In contrast, automatic data acquisition DWS equipment can effectively help enterprises reduce employment costs, improve measurement accuracy, save operation time, make data acquisition more efficient, and enterprises can better transform and upgrade to automation.

  E-commerce parcels collect data through automatic weighing equipment, which makes it more convenient for warehousing and outbound management, and enterprise operation efficiency and economic benefits can be improved synchronously.


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