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How much is the volume measurement, weighing and scanning equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-12 12:07

  Volume measurement equipment is mainly used in the field of e-commerce logistics to help enterprises efficiently collect information such as the size, volume, weight and barcode of goods, so as to achieve efficient management of goods information.

  To understand the price of volume measurement equipment, we must first understand what categories there are and what our own needs are. Taking the goodscan series volume measurement equipment of Yifang technology as an example, it can be divided into:

  Gs232 volumetric lens

  Gs232 is a volume measurement lens with simplified design and simple operation. It can meet various customized needs of users, facilitate integration, plug and play, and provide customers with cost-effective volume measurement solutions.

  GS200 static + dynamic measurement

  Static models: for example, gs210b/plus and gs210y/plus, by manually placing the goods into the measurement area of the equipment, the size, volume, weight, bar code and other information of various types of packages can be collected. Regular / irregular goods can be measured, with a speed of 1s/ piece and an accuracy of ± 1mm.

  Dynamic models: for example, gs210p and gs210m with 3D vision technology, gm200/pro with light curtain measurement technology, support docking assembly lines, sorting equipment, etc., automatic data collection of express parcels, and the measurement efficiency can reach 3000 pieces / hour.

  GS300 bulk measurement

  Gs300mini, gs300max and gs300pro are volume measurement DWS specially developed for medium and large cargoes. They can measure cargo data with or without pallets, effectively helping enterprises solve the problems of high difficulty, low accuracy and long time consumption of large cargoes measurement.

  The product line of volume measurement DWS equipment of Yifang technology is very wide, and the price covers from thousands to hundreds of thousands. According to the actual needs of enterprises, such as use scenarios, measurement accuracy and customized services, choosing a volume measurement scheme with appropriate cost performance can better help enterprises achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  Yifang technology, known as the industry-leading volume measurement and calculation expert, if you have the demand for cargo data collection, you can contact us directly in the background.


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