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The advantages and specific operation methods of light curtain volume measurement equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-03-29 16:24

  GM200 is a light curtain volume measurement product. The equipment consists of two pairs of light curtains, scan code lens, color camera, roller scale, belt line and industrial computer. It can realize "measurement + weighing + scan code + "Photo + input" and other functions are fast and efficient, which can effectively help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.



  An important part of:

  Measuring light curtains: for measuring the size and volume of packages

  Scanning lens: used to read the barcode, QR code, etc. of the package

  Color camera: used for taking photos of goods and uploading them to the cloud

  Roller scale: used to measure the weight of express packages

  Belt line: for dynamic transmission of express parcels

  Industrial computer: core components, install Goodscan software and upload data to the cloud.

  Light curtain equipment operation process:

  Manually move the goods to the drum weighing platform, and then scan the code camera to scan the goods. The equipment is connected to the system. The drum starts to transmit the goods to the child light curtain area to measure the size and volume. Finally, the data collection is completed, and the data is synchronously connected to the system.



  Advantages of light curtain volume measurement equipment:

  1. High precision, can be accurate to ±1mm;

  2. Less affected by light;

  3. No color display, black and reflective objects can be measured;

  4. The delivery cycle is short, it can be packaged and shipped, and it can be used immediately after plugging in.

  If you have the needs of such equipment, you can learn about it in the background.


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