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Large warehousing logistics center, easy collection of the volume and weight of the whole pallet of goods

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-03-01 17:37

  In some large storage centers or international logistics companies, it is often necessary to handle some large types of goods. These goods are long, wide and high. Before the goods are transported, these goods need to measure the length, width, height, weight and other information, and then Enter these data information into the logistics system to complete the operation of receiving and outgoing a piece of goods. 

  Open Baidu APP to see high-definition picturesIn the previous operation method, multiple workers measured the length, width and height of the goods with a tape measure/drawing ruler, and then placed the forklift on the weighbridge for weighing, and finally entered the obtained data information into the system. 

  If there are not many goods, it will take some time to complete the collection of goods data, put in and out of the warehouse. Once the business volume increases and the goods increase, it will not only need to add more manpower, but also take more time to operate. In this case New solutions need to be found.

  As an industry-leading volume measurement and calculation expert, Yifang Technology has rich practical experience in bulk data measurement. Its GS300 series specially developed for bulk data collection is installed through a multi-sensor matrix frame and multi-lens joint measurement. Combined with the floor scale, the data collection of large-scale goods can be completed in only 1s at the fastest, which not only saves labor, but also improves the overall operation efficiency several times.

  GS300Max is a large cargo volume measurement device. Compared with manual operation, it can effectively improve the measurement speed and accuracy of the measurement. It can also measure the weight of objects. It can measure the volume and weight of any size and transportation applications more quickly and accurately. Powerful 3D camera technology and powerful algorithms provide a more flexible and efficient volume measurement solution for product measurement, helping to easily cope with today's busy transportation needs.

  If you happen to have the needs of bulk size and weight collection at this time, welcome to learn about the GS300Max scanning equipment for bulk cargo operations.


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