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With the continuous development of intelligent logistics, size and weight collection equipment is favored by logistics-related enterprises

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-28 17:38

  In logistics operations, we can encounter various types of packages, such as regular boxes, soft hulls, convex hulls, and some ultra-thin express parcels, etc. These packages need to collect basic data such as the volume, weight and barcode of the package when entering the warehouse. information, you need to dock with the system to complete the registration of the outbound information when you leave the warehouse.

  Open Baidu APP to see high-definition picturesThe traditional way to collect the data information of the package is done manually. The length, width and height of the package are measured by the pull ruler to calculate the volume, the weight is obtained by the electronic scale, and then the warehousing of the goods is completed by the scanning code device and the collected data is manually entered. .


  The disadvantages of this data collection method are obvious: there are many data collection procedures, which consume a lot of time; more human resources need to be invested, and labor costs are increased; manual data entry is prone to errors, resulting in mismatched data information.

  With the continuous development of e-commerce, the domestic logistics development level has also been greatly improved. Many enterprises have adopted modern intelligent logistics equipment for logistics operations, and the method of collecting package size, volume, weight and barcode information has also been improved. optimization.

  As an industry-leading volume measurement and calculation expert, Yifang Technology provides efficient cargo data collection solutions for enterprises in logistics-related fields. Its independently developed Goodscan series of measuring and scanning equipment can quickly collect the size and volume of express parcels. , weight, barcode and other information, not only time-consuming and high-precision, but also supports synchronous docking system, providing "one-stop" service for data collection.

  Goodscan series volume measurement equipment, covering mobile handheld PDA, static/dynamic DWS, and bulk cargo measurement solutions, can meet various usage scenarios of most enterprises, and help enterprises quickly complete the collection of cargo warehousing information and outbound registration.

  Measurement principle: Through the advanced industrial code scanning lens and the exclusive 3D visual measurement algorithm, the barcode can be accurately identified and the size and volume information of the packaged goods can be measured, and then the weight information can be collected through the high-precision roller scale. The whole process takes only 1s. It can reach the millimeter level, meeting the measurement accuracy requirements of most enterprises.

  With the continuous development of logistics, traditional logistics enterprises must learn from the old and embrace the new in the wave of industrial automation. Only by introducing technologies and equipment that meet the requirements of the times can they survive and develop in the fierce struggle. If you are interested in automated cargo data collection equipment, you may wish to learn about it. Alien Technology.


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