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Comparing the benefits of manual and automated parcel data collection, the Goodscan weighing equipment has a miraculous effect

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-23 18:07

  The traditional way of collecting cargo data in logistics is done manually. The length, width and height of the cargo are measured by a ruler, the weight of the electronic scale is measured, and the barcode reader identifies the information. Finally, the obtained data is completely entered into the enterprise ERP system.



  Open Baidu APP to see high-definition picturesAdvantages: In the case of a small amount of work, the work can be completed with a small amount of labor, which can save operating costs;

  Disadvantages: Once the workload increases, a lot of manpower and time need to be invested, and the operating cost will rise, which is not conducive to the improvement of enterprise efficiency.

  The modern operation method is that machinery replaces labor, and automated equipment is used to achieve one-stop service.



  Taking Yifang Technology's cargo data collection solution as an example, you can quickly obtain the volume, weight, barcode and image information of the cargo through the Goodscan series of weighing and scanning equipment.

  Goodscan series is a weighing and scanning code equipment independently developed by Yifang Technology. It uses a combination of 3D vision + photogrammetry + remote sensing and other technologies to quickly collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of the goods, as fast as 1-2s/piece, Up to 1800 votes per hour.



  To illustrate better with an example:

  To complete the data information collection and storage of 6,000 parcels, the traditional manual operation requires 5 employees and takes 10 hours to complete the whole process; after using the Goodscan series automatic data collection equipment, only one person is required to assist the operation of the equipment, which is time-consuming Data collection can be completed in 3.3 hours.



  In contrast, through automated data collection equipment, it can not only reduce labor input, but also save operation time, improve operation efficiency, optimize enterprise costs, and achieve improved efficiency.

  Are you interested in this device for measuring package volume after reading it? You can learn more about it through the background.


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