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Rapid growth of e-commerce, strong demand for dynamic quantitative scanning equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-22 16:18

  With the growing demand for e-commerce shopping, consumers' requirements for logistics timeliness are becoming more and more stringent. Aside from the traditional logistics operation methods, modern logistics operation methods have become the current mainstream.



  Open Baidu APP to see high-definition picturesIt is just collecting data and information of express packages. Some companies use static data collection DWS equipment to assist logistics operations. Although the efficiency of traditional manual operations has been improved a lot, it is still difficult to meet the current consumer demand for "quality".



  In contrast, Yifang Technology Goodscan series dynamic package size measurement equipment is more popular.



  GS210M is a dynamic vision DWS equipment. The goods are transmitted to the measurement area through the belt line. The equipment automatically completes the work of scanning code, weighing, measuring and data docking system. The collection speed is as fast as 1800 votes/hour, and the measurement accuracy has won national authority. The agency recognizes that it reaches the millimeter level, which can effectively help enterprises save labor, reduce operating costs, and improve the efficiency of logistics operations.



  Yifang Technology is a technologically innovative enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of cargo volume measurement. Its self-developed Goodscan series volume measurement equipment adopts the most popular 3D visual measurement technology, which can quickly collect the volume of regular/irregular express parcels , weight, barcode and other information, high precision, fast speed, is a tool to reduce costs and increase efficiency.



  If you have the needs of express package size and weight measurement, Yifang Technology Goodscan series volume measurement equipment covers handheld, static, dynamic and bulk measurement solutions, which can meet the data collection needs of most enterprises, come and learn. !


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