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The method of cargo data collection, how can traditional enterprises transform and upgrade?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-02-10 16:28

Everyone who does logistics knows that the length, width, height, weight and other data of each piece of goods must be recorded. Each logistics company has its own data collection method. Let’s follow the steps of Xiaobian to see it together!
  • Traditional manual manual measurement

As the name implies, through traditional ruler and volume scale, the length, width and height of the goods are measured to calculate the volume, measure the weight, and then summarize the data into the ERP system for data management.
The disadvantage of this method is obvious, it needs to consume a lot of human resources, and the work efficiency is not high, and the overall cost is high.
  • Automated data collection

1) Light curtain measurement:
The outline of the goods is collected by measuring the light curtain, then the volume of the goods is calculated, and the weight is obtained by the weighing equipment, and then scan the code and other operations.
Disadvantages: It is suitable for the measurement of small and medium goods. The measurement of large goods is troublesome and the efficiency is low.
2) Visual measurement
The most common is the 3D vision technology, which collects the outline information of the goods through the advanced 3D industrial lens, then obtains the volume of the goods through the algorithm, synchronously scans the code function, and then obtains the weight information together with the supporting roller scale, and automatically connects the data to the system.
There are still many logistics enterprises in my country that are still in the traditional operation stage, with low operation level and low comprehensive benefits. Transformation and upgrading are imminent.
As an industry-leading volume measurement expert, Yifang Technology has been focusing on cargo data collection for many years. Its Goodscan series volume measurement equipment can help enterprises to efficiently collect information such as volume, weight and barcode of goods, help enterprises save labor, reduce operating costs, and improve Operational efficiency, to achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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