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Dynamic measurement of cargo and parcel data, GS210M helps logistics enterprises operate efficiently

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-01-17 17:42

  Goodscan 210M is a new generation of dynamic vision DWS equipment independently developed by Yifang Technology, which can quickly realize the collection of regular/irregular cargo size, weight, barcode and other information, data synchronization docking system, automatic transmission with the assembly line, replacing manual realization of efficient cargo data collection .



  What goods can the GS210M measure? Through professional 3D industrial lens and exclusive measurement algorithm, GS210M can quickly collect the volume of regular boxes, irregular soft hulls, convex hulls and other goods, with a measurement range of 5*5*5~80*60*60cm (customizable), The measurement accuracy has been recognized by the national authority and can reach the millimeter level.



  In the e-commerce warehouse, with the assembly line, it can quickly help e-commerce enterprises to complete the process of commodity warehousing information collection and outgoing cost accounting, which can not only reduce the investment of personnel, but also improve the overall operation efficiency, and contribute to the improvement of enterprise economic benefits. .

  Why choose GS210M dynamic data DWS device? This is the reason why the disadvantages of traditional manual operations promote the development of automated logistics equipment.

  For example, the traditional manual collection of the volume, weight and barcode information of a regular box cargo requires measuring, weighing, scanning the code with a ruler, and finally manually entering the obtained data into the system. The drawbacks are very obvious: measurement data There are errors; irregular goods are difficult to measure; manual data entry is easy to make mistakes; it takes a long time, at least 30s, and the operation efficiency per unit time is low.



  Through the GS210M dynamic data collection DWS, it only takes 1-2s to quickly collect data such as the volume, weight and barcode of the goods, support the measurement of regular and irregular goods, and the measurement accuracy reaches the millimeter level, which can meet the measurement needs of most enterprises. Data docking is synchronized in real time, which is efficient and convenient.

  To sum up, the GS210M is suitable for dynamic measurement in the scene of supporting assembly operations, and supports the collection of small and medium-sized cargo data. It has the advantages of high precision and high cost performance, and has been recognized and favored by many colleagues.

  So, do you have a better understanding of the GS210M? If you are also a logistics-related practitioner, perhaps such a dynamic vision DWS can help you save a lot of labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and optimize economic benefits.


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