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The Spring Festival express logistics will not run, how to ensure efficient logistics near the end of the year?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-01-13 16:29

Every time the New Year is approaching, everyone is more concerned about when the express delivery will stop. Recently, a schedule of express delivery stops during the Spring Festival has been circulated on the Internet. After multiple verifications, the news is false news. During the Spring Festival, EMS, SF Express, JD. All logistics companies indicated that logistics services were carried out normally.
From January 30th to February 4th, each express delivery company implements the "Spring Festival does not close" system. During this period, express delivery personnel will be kept on duty to ensure the safety and smoothness of express delivery services during the Spring Festival.
During other Spring Festival periods, except for special areas such as the epidemic, normal express delivery services can be provided everywhere.
As early as December 30, 2021, the State Post Bureau has issued a notice requiring express delivery companies to reasonably arrange logistics resources, arrange the left-behind personnel at the outlets in advance, and ensure the delivery needs of the people during the festival; at the same time, it is necessary to make the left-behind courier brothers happy. A sense of security and a sense of security, timely liquidation of wages, increased subsidies during the Spring Festival, and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
Near the end of the year, the labor force will be more scarce. The most affected are the personnel-intensive industries, which need to invest a lot of human resources to maintain the daily operations of the company. The same is true for the logistics industry. Is there a better way to reduce the impact?
As a national high-tech enterprise, Yifang Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of cargo volume measurement for many years, providing efficient cargo information collection solutions for logistics enterprises, and helping enterprises achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
Through the Goodscan series volume measurement equipment independently developed by Yifang Technology, the volume, weight and barcode information of regular/irregular goods can be quickly and accurately obtained, and it supports photographing and archiving and system docking, which effectively helps enterprises reduce personnel investment and labor costs. , improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
Goodscan series volume measurement equipment adopts advanced 3D vision + remote sensing + photogrammetry + computer vision and other technologies. It not only has high precision, high speed, but also has high comprehensive cost performance, which has been recognized by many consumers.
Through Yifang Technology's automatic weighing, weighing and scanning equipment, on the one hand, it can reduce personnel input and labor costs; on the other hand, compared with the manual collection speed of 30s/piece, automated DWS can achieve 1-2s/piece, 1800 votes / time, the logistics operation efficiency is greatly improved.
Especially in the case of insufficient staff, such as the Spring Festival/special epidemic situation, by automating the metering equipment, it can not only reduce the concentration of personnel, but also ensure the normal operation of logistics operations.
If you also encounter such troubles, you may wish to learn about the weighing and scanning code equipment of Quantitative Technology. The volume measurement equipment of Yifang Technology covers mobile handheld, static, dynamic and bulk measurement solutions, which can meet the usage scenarios of most enterprises. Looking forward to communicating with each other.


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