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Is unmanned logistics a trend in the future? What is the development prospect of logistics in small cities?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-01-10 18:00

I saw a topic today "Can smart logistics be developed in third-tier cities and rural areas?", I read some comments and analysis with interest

@**Poster: Unmanned smart logistics mainly focuses on sorting and distribution. Unmanned sorting has become more and more mature and has been deployed in various terminal outlets. However, unmanned delivery is still in the experimental stage and has not yet been implemented. universal.



@**Co-distribution: It is an inevitable trend in the long run. With the increasing labor costs, the investment in unmanned intelligent equipment is inevitable. With the continuous increase in the volume of express delivery in third- and fourth-tier cities, low-cost Operational means is a necessary choice.



@**Technology: According to the current social development needs, automated and intelligent logistics are mainly concentrated in first- and second-tier cities. It is difficult for third- and fourth-tier cities to develop when the volume is not large, but it will definitely be a trend in the future.



@*xi: It's a miracle to see dragonflies in the future, and it's normal to see drones.

From the comments listed, it is not difficult to see that the level of logistics development in my country is uneven. The first- and second-tier cities are developing better. Although the second-, third- and fourth-tier cities are in high demand, the supporting logistics facilities cannot keep up, and the level of economic development cannot support strong economic development. The logistics system and the accelerated economic development are the key points.



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For example, it takes 30s to manually collect the volume, weight, barcode and other information of a regular cargo, and then enter it into the system. With the Goodscan series of volume measuring equipment, it only takes 1-2s to realize the "quantity" in one step. With functions such as square + weighing + scanning code + photographing + system docking”, the data is synchronized to the enterprise management system, and efficient cargo data collection can be achieved without investing a lot of labor.



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