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Who will guard the safety of parcels under the epidemic?-normalized epidemic prevention measures in the express industry

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-22 09:41

The Ome Keron virus is coming violently, and the new crown epidemic has begun to spread out locally. As the end of the year is approaching, the pressure on epidemic prevention and control is becoming more serious due to the increase of population mobility. The express delivery industry and logistics practitioners are suffering from the rapid increase in express mail and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control.
According to the latest statistics from the State Post Bureau, my country's express delivery industry has received more than 400 million parcels per day, and the average daily service users are nearly 700 million. Faced with such logistics pressure, how can companies ensure the safety of express parcels?
Since there have been positive cases of express packaging before, many consumers have worried about the safety of express delivery: are express packages safe in the links of collection, sorting, transportation, and distribution ? Will there be killing measures? Signing for express delivery? How to properly prevent the epidemic?
Under the prevention and control of the epidemic, an express package needs to go through multiple killing procedures from collection, transfer, transportation, distribution and other links: After the express enters the sorting line, it needs to be disinfected by professional equipment and passed through a molecular atomization disinfector. Spray disinfection mist to disinfect the express items one by one.
In logistics centers and warehouses, all-round disinfection must be carried out in the morning, at night, and in and out of vehicles to check the health code, itinerary code, and nucleic acid test report. All vehicles and goods are strictly disinfected to ensure that every detail is in place.
In the delivery link of express delivery, unmanned delivery vehicles operate "contactless, automated, and all-weather". At the express station, they are killed regularly every day and diverted to pick up items. This effectively reduces personnel contact and reduces the risk of epidemic transmission.
Yifang Technology is a smart logistics solution provider. It has a unique solution for the elimination of goods in the logistics express industry. Through the self-developed Goodscan200 dynamic data collection equipment, it can realize unmanned and automatic volume measurement, weight measurement, identification bar code, Functions such as photo archive and system docking can prevent people from gathering and cut off the transmission chain.
The dynamic data collection equipment can also be connected to the killing device through the conveyor belt, which can complete the killing before and after the data collection of the goods, and block the spread of the virus.
Collect cargo information through Goodscan series volume measurement equipment, the fastest 1s/piece, compared to manual operation 30s/piece, can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics operations, can complete more tasks in the same time, effectively help companies save labor and improve economy Benefit, interested parties can send a message.


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