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The difference between traditional and modern logistics, how can enterprises seize the trillion-dollar logistics market?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-20 17:30

With the rapid development of the Internet economy, online shopping and express logistics are closely related to our lives. In the future, logistics will be a trillion-level market. How can companies win the market on this new track?




In logistics operations, links such as collection, warehousing, and transportation will directly affect the company's revenue and customer experience. Is there any way to improve the consumer's logistics experience?


Trillion-level logistics track segmentation


Under the new development model, traditional logistics and modern logistics have begun to demarcate the boundaries, transforming and thinking for survival, while sticking to traditions can hardly occupy the market.


Traditional logistics status list refers to manual operations, numerous processes, and low efficiency logistics activities.


Modern logistics refers to a new type of integrated management that integrates logistics activities such as information, transportation, warehousing, inventory, loading and unloading, and packaging. Its task is to reduce the total cost of logistics as much as possible and provide customers with the best service .




The difference between traditional logistics and modern logistics is mainly manifested in the following aspects:


  • Traditional logistics only provides simple displacement, while modern logistics provides value-added services
  • Traditional logistics is passive service, modern logistics is active service
  • Traditional logistics implement manual control, modern logistics implement information management
  • Traditional logistics has no unified service standard, modern logistics implements standardized services
  • Traditional logistics focuses on point-to-line or line-to-line services, while modern logistics builds a global service network
  • Traditional logistics is the management of a single link, while modern logistics is the optimization of the overall system
Among the many high-efficiency logistics solutions, today I will talk about the volume measurement solution of Yifang Technology.
The traditional way of collecting information such as the size, volume and weight of the package all relies on manual measurement, calculation and entry systems, which is not only inefficient, but also prone to many errors; Yifang Technology provides logistics companies with automated cargo data information collection solutions .
Through the integration of measuring, weighing and code scanning function modules, with the exclusive research and development of the measurement algorithm, the volume measurement dws equipment of Yifang Technology can quickly obtain the barcode, volume and weight information of the goods, which only takes 1-2 seconds to measure. The accuracy can reach millimeter level.
This kind of equipment that quickly collects cargo size information and weight information is currently widely used in logistics, warehousing, supermarkets, medical and manufacturing and other fields. It can quickly help companies save labor, improve operating efficiency, and create more economy per unit of time. income.


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