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Quickly measure the volume and weight of the package, and can synchronize the docking management system

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-14 17:54

Under what circumstances need to measure the volume of goods? When large quantities of commodities such as supermarkets and supermarkets are in and out of the warehouse, the data information of the commodities is very important. And so far, many companies are still troubled by the collection of commodity data. The manual measurement cost is high, the efficiency is low, and it is difficult to satisfy The needs of the development of the times.

At present, the method of collecting product size and volume data is generally completed by the logistics exclusive dynamic DWS equipment instead of manual operations.

What are the main applications of DWS equipment, what are its functions, and what are the advantages compared to other related equipment?

DWS equipment is generally used in logistics, supermarkets, warehousing and other fields. It is mainly used to help companies collect information such as the volume, weight, and barcode of goods and commodities, and replace manual labor with automated data collection, improve operational efficiency, and provide greater daily operations. The convenience of this is conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises.

Yifang Technology has been working in the field of 3D vision for many years, has a strong technical accumulation, has more than 80 patents and software, and is known as the industry's leading volume measurement expert.


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