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Ensure the orderly progress of warehousing operations and conduct special fire safety inspections in multiple locations

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-09 18:03

Recently, special inspections on logistics fire safety have been launched in many places, focusing on compliance inspections on logistics fire protection layout, fire separation distance, and waterproof level; for the internal fire protection measures and electrical wiring laying of various enterprises, whether they meet the fire safety requirements and other issues Expand inspection.
For this type of safety inspection, the person in charge of each enterprise must take the lead, find problems and correct them in time, do a good job in daily fire protection work, ensure daily production operations, but also ensure the safety of employees, improve the fire protection awareness of the whole people, and prevent fires. The accident happened.
In many corporate warehouses, mountains of goods are placed in disorder, which poses a higher risk of fire, and the consequences are unimaginable once it occurs.
What is the correct way? We can refer to the standardized storage:
Picture: Standard warehouse diagram
In fact, the way most companies handle goods is to sort the goods and store them in an orderly manner, but how to sort them quickly has troubled many colleagues.
Common classification methods are: according to the type of goods, box size, weight, etc.; common classification methods are: manual classification and automatic classification.
Manual classification is common in some small logistics companies and logistics outlets where there are not many packages of goods. Of course, some larger logistics companies also use manual classification. This mode of operation not only has high labor costs, but also low operating efficiency. Benefits cannot be optimized for a long time and urgently need to be transformed.
Automatic classification, semi-automatic and fully automatic data equipment are common, also known as static and dynamic cargo data collection equipment.
In the field of cargo data collection, Yifang Technology has always been at the forefront of the industry. The Goodscan series volume measurement equipment developed by its subsidiary can quickly obtain the volume, weight and barcode information of the cargo, generate data tags, and synchronize them to the system in real time. The picking system realizes the rapid classification of goods.


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