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New development direction of retail enterprises: logistics speeding up and upgrading, optimizing consumer experience

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-12-03 11:25

In the past two years, the development of the logistics industry has changed greatly. Whether it is the extremely rabbit express that has been launched halfway, the price of express delivery has entered a fierce struggle, or the listing of JD Logistics, diversified elites have impacted SF Express’s high-end market. Everything shows logistics. The future development prospects are limitless.




In the face of new opportunities and changes brought by logistics, as an old driver of the retail industry, Gome, has also begun to promote its layout in the logistics field. On November 26, Gome subscribed for Anxun with an annualized rate of 5% and RMB 900 million. Logistics convertible claims.




This move by Gome is also reminding everyone of the importance of logistics in the future, and logistics + platform can better enter the company into a brand new field.


 Logistics becomes the key to the second half of e-commerce retail 


E-commerce and retail have been developing for a long time. Everyone may be tired. However, logistics efficiency and service quality are still the most important points for consumers. Whether it is online shopping or offline delivery, the upgrade of logistics services is beneficial to businesses and consumers. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.




Ali, which has always declared that it will never stop doing express delivery, is also continuously optimizing the Cainiao network and adding a large number of logistics warehouses to provide logistics speed and reduce logistics costs. The independent operation and independent logistics model of Jingdong is obviously prescient. It seems that it has more advantages and its own profitability has been enhanced.


In the final analysis, it is necessary to reduce costs and increase efficiency of logistics and optimize the logistics experience of consumers. In this field, Yifang Technology has been providing efficient logistics solutions for related companies since its establishment.



Yifang Technology’s Goodscan series of volume measurement equipment covers mobile handheld, static, dynamic and bulk measurement solutions. It can efficiently collect information on the volume, weight and barcode of the goods, effectively helping companies reduce labor input, reduce operating costs, and optimize economy benefit.


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