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Strengthen epidemic prevention and control, volume measurement equipment helps efficient logistics operations!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-23 09:13

According to news from CCTV.com, positive cases of express delivery packages have recently emerged in Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other places. The express personnel who contacted them were urgently tested and isolated, and at the same time, traceability and tracing work were carried out.




During the Double Eleven shopping carnival period, the volume of logistics and express delivery increased, and the epidemic prevention and control of express logistics links should not be slack. Express logistics companies have strengthened the elimination and the people have raised awareness of epidemic prevention and safety, so as to better cut off the spread of the epidemic.




In addition to strengthening logistics operations in Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other places, railway departments have also strengthened logistics prevention and control measures:




Strictly implement security requirements such as "receipt inspection, real-name registration, and machine security inspection". General goods are packaged in container packages, special packages, etc.; cold chain goods are packaged in cold chain boxes.


In fact, in the logistics collection and sorting process, effective measures can also be taken to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, especially during the peak period of logistics, the order volume soars, and more manual logistics operations are required. The denser the crowd, the greater the risk of epidemic spread. .




However, many logistics companies have already transformed into automation, and the labor input in logistics operations is becoming less and less. This is a better treatment measure in the epidemic situation, but there are still many companies still using manual logistics operations.


For example, in the data collection link of parcel cargo, collecting the volume, weight, and barcode of a cargo and completing the data entry system requires multiple manual cooperation. However, using automated volume measurement equipment, it only takes 1-2 seconds to quickly collect all data. And complete the system docking, saving labor and improving efficiency.


Yifang Technology focuses on the field of cargo volume measurement, and provides efficient cargo data collection solutions for logistics-related companies. The Goodscan series of 3D visual volume measurement equipment developed by its subsidiary covers mobile handheld, static, dynamic and bulk cargo measurement solutions with high accuracy , Fast efficiency, is a tool for cost reduction and efficiency increase in data collection of logistics-related enterprises.




Traditional logistics operations are gradually being replaced by mechanical automation and intelligence. Obviously, in dealing with today's busy logistics, mechanical automation and intelligence better meet the current needs. If your company is also facing the transformation of traditional manual operations to automated operations , May wish to learn about the volume measurement equipment of Yifang Technology in the background.


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