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Double Eleven logistics speed up, policy and technology drive the development of smart logistics

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-19 17:57

This year's Double Eleven has come to an end. During the period from November 1st to 11th, the country received 4.776 billion pieces of goods, an increase of over 20% year-on-year. Among them, a total of 696 million express items were processed on Double Eleven, a record high.
Picture: The courier manually collects cargo data
Compared with previous years, the speed of logistics this year is surprisingly fast. The fastest delivery is the same day, and the slowest delivery is basically 3-5 days. The history of parcels needing to wait for a month has passed, and now it has ushered in a brand new one. Efficient logistics era.
Behind Xiaoxiao Express is actually the epitome of the development of the times and the development of the logistics industry. Let's follow the editor to find out!


Perfect transportation system

The "Fourteenth Five-Year Development Plan for Transport Standardization" jointly issued by the Ministry of Transport, Railway Administration, Aviation Bureau, and Post Bureau clarifies that by 2025, a high-quality transportation standard system will be basically established, the standardization operation mechanism will be more complete, and standards will be internationalized. Significant improvement, the role of standardization support to accelerate the construction of a strong transportation country and build a national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network has become more prominent.
With the support of policies, the transportation network has become more and more perfect, providing a strong guarantee for efficient logistics, and the logistics services of "same-day delivery" and "next-day delivery" have gradually begun to spread.


Deepening of logistics automation

With the continuous development of information technology and the promotion of national policies, the development of smart logistics has accelerated, and automation, integration, and intelligence have become new directions for the transformation and development of logistics enterprises.
The main performance is: automatic palletizing, automatic data collection, automatic sorting, automatic handling, etc., which not only frees hands, reduces labor input, reduces employment costs, but also improves operating efficiency and promotes the optimization of enterprise economic benefits.


Large-scale layout of logistics front warehouse

The most impressive thing about Double Eleven this year is the use of front-end logistics warehouses. Through big data analysis, the goods ordered by consumers are transported to the nearest warehouse in the receiving area in advance, and consumers can efficiently deliver the goods after paying the final payment.
Picture: JD Asia No. 1 Warehouse
For example: JD.com has established large-scale storage centers in East China, South China, Central China, North China and other regions. Through big data analysis, according to consumers' purchasing preferences in different regions, JD.com dispatches goods to nearby large warehouses in advance, reducing the transit time of goods and shortening them. Logistics is comprehensive and time-consuming, optimizing consumers' shopping experience.
Domestic logistics can develop rapidly. Consumers can shop through e-commerce platforms and enjoy better and better logistics experience. This is the result of the joint efforts of the country and various enterprises to jointly promote the progress of the industry.


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