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Good news | Yifang Technology has entered the overseas warehouse market, and its products have covered 13 overseas countries and regions!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-15 17:04

With the deepening of economic globalization, various enterprises have ushered in new development opportunities. By actively exploring the market, Yifang Technology has achieved excellent results on the road to internationalization.
Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment has now gone abroad and sold to 13 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and America , including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy:
Picture: Yifang Technology Overseas Market
Picture: Real shots at the acceptance site for overseas customers 
The volume measurement equipment exported by Yifang Technology covers the mobile handheld GS100 series, static/dynamic measurement GS200 series, and bulk measurement GS300 series . Whether it is small, medium, or large, it can collect data efficiently and accurately to meet the needs of absolute Use scenarios for most companies.
After years of hard work, Yifang Technology has expanded from the domestic market to the overseas market, and then recognized by multinational companies around the world. It relies on unremitting efforts behind the scenes-strengthening R&D, quality control, and market expansion, step by step, steadily and steadily. .


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