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Smart logistics allows express information to be forwarded, and the pre-delivery model optimizes user experience!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-04 17:46

We used to expect the express delivery to be delivered in the morning, but now we place an order in the early hours of the morning and receive the delivery when we wake up. On the morning of the opening of Double 11, some customers have already received the express delivery of the order, which is really a pleasant surprise!




Make full use of the "pre-delivery" model to deliver the goods "pre-delivery" to the nearest logistics warehouse in advance, and deliver the express delivery to the vicinity of the destination in advance, so that it is convenient to pick up the warehouse nearby, and creates a feeling of "delivery" overnight for customers.




Make full use of the advantages of the logistics warehouse to quickly move the goods in and out of the warehouse. One of the equipment is used: automatic code scanning and sorting equipment, also known as the all-in-one machine for weighing and scanning.


By identifying the barcode of the goods, collecting information such as the volume and weight of the goods, and allowing the goods to be stored in the warehouse through data analysis, not only can liberate labor, but also greatly improve efficiency, which can effectively help logistics companies reduce operating costs.




As a leading volume measurement expert in the industry, Yifang Technology has been deeply involved in volume measurement for many years and is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. At present, it has GS100/200/300/400 series volume measurement equipment, which can collect the "volume + weight" of goods with one key. +Barcode" information, suitable for a variety of operating scenarios, helping enterprises to achieve efficient logistics operations.




Taking the most popular GS210P as an example, it is a dynamic volume measurement DWS , which can be connected to the assembly line or to the sorting equipment. You only need to put/transmit the goods to the measurement area to collect data and synchronize the data to the system in real time. .


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