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The logistics unicorn Yunniao Technology has gone bankrupt, a new way to increase corporate costs and efficiency!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-02 16:09

On October 30, the official microblog of Beijing Yunniao Technology released such a microblog asking for salary:


Picture: Weibo screenshot


From this, we can understand that Yunniao Technology is currently in the stage of bankruptcy and liquidation. It has been favored by capitals such as Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China, and Jinshajiang Venture Capital. It has received 4 rounds of financing. In 2019, it was estimated that 7 billion yuan was listed as Hurun. There are 264 unicorn companies in the world, and their business scope covers intra-city distribution, truck rental, shared logistics, and driver training. It is known as the "58 intra-city in the field of logistics and distribution".



Picture: Cloud Bird Technology


Today, Yunniao Technology is in bankruptcy and liquidation, and the boss Han Yi is also being asked for salary online by employees. In addition, Han Yi may fall into "illegal fund-raising" and some employees have accused of compulsory purchase of financial products, and he is now unable to pay employees' wages.


According to the middle management of Yunniao Technology, the company currently owes more than 10 million yuan in arrears of employee wages, driver deposits and service franchise fees, and the accumulated arrears may have exceeded 100 million yuan.


In the current situation where staff costs remain high, many logistics companies are facing the difficulties of transformation and upgrading. The old operation methods have many processes, labor consuming, and low efficiency, and cannot meet the ever-changing customer needs.




As a provider of smart logistics solutions, Yifang Technology has been committed to the field of cargo volume measurement in recent years. It can quickly collect information such as the size, volume, weight and barcode of the cargo, helping companies save manpower, provide operational efficiency, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. The goal.


For example, the traditional collection of cargo package information requires manual measurement of length, width and height, weighing, scanning codes, taking pictures, and entering the data into the system. This is not only a long process, time-consuming, and error-prone; Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment can be very Optimize this problem well and collect cargo data information efficiently.



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Principle: The combination of advanced 3D vision technology and industrial lens can quickly collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of the goods within 1-2s, which can not only reduce manual input, but also faster than manual measurement. The accuracy is higher, and the collected data can be synchronized to the management system in real time to realize information sharing.



Figure: Save labor to improve efficiency


At present, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment covers mobile handheld, static, dynamic and bulk measurement solutions, which are in place in one step to meet various use scenarios of enterprises and make logistics operations more efficient.


If you are also faced with the problems of high cost, low efficiency of logistics operations, and low corporate efficiency, you may wish to learn more about volume measurement equipment and realize functions such as "measurement + weighing + scanning + photographing + system docking" with one click to help enterprises achieve The goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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