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CEMAT ASIA 2021-breaking and then standing, Yifang Technology exhibited a perfect ending!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-30 14:54


The annual industrial event in the Asia-Pacific region-CeMAT ASIA 2021 ended successfully on the afternoon of October 29. The theme of this year's CeMAT is "Break and Stand" , which means that companies can break the ice and move forward after the epidemic. The fast lane of development.



This grand event attracted more than 3,000 well-known companies at home and abroad to participate, with a total exhibition area of ​​220,000 square meters, a record high.




Yifang Technology debuts

Yifang Technology is CeMAT's "old friend". In this exhibition, we brought the latest research and development and upgrade volume measurement products to the industry:
The displayed equipment covers mobile handheld, static measurement, dynamic measurement and bulk cargo data information collection solutions. It only takes 1s to quickly collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of regular/irregular cargo, which can effectively help companies save labor and improve Operational efficiency, to achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



Goodscan exhibited products

In Booth W1-L2, Yifang Technology brought the latest four products: GS100/210Y/210GP/300Pro, which attracted many exhibitors and guests to stop and watch, and the on-site consultation was very popular!
Consultation on the exhibition continues one after another
· GS100 handheld measuring PDA
GS100 is a mobile handheld measuring PDA, small in size and easy to carry; the measuring range is between 5*5*5~200*200*200cm, it only takes 0.5s to get the volume of the goods after taking a picture, the best accuracy is 5mm; use 4G/WIFI/USB peripheral interface, can upload cargo data information to the cloud with one key, realize data sharing, and facilitate traceability.
Product function 
Experience GS100 on site 
Applicable scenarios: store and exit goods in supermarkets, couriers pick up goods, etc.
· GS210Y lifting rod volume measurement
GS210Y volume measurement DWS adopts lifting bar design, which can adjust the measuring range for different types of goods; optional battery, mobile operation; customized glass table top, can measure ultra-thin goods.
Product function▲
Learn about GS210Y on site 
Applicable scenarios: It can be used in logistics, warehousing and other industries to measure small and medium-sized goods.
· GS210GP dynamic assembly line logistics DWS
GS210GP is a new generation of fast dynamic vision DWS equipment, which can complete "measurement + weighing + scanning + photographing + calculation + system docking" in one step, meeting the stringent dynamic size identification requirements in the fields of logistics, packaging and warehousing; GS210GP has become one of the favorite DWS systems of enterprises such as cross-border e-commerce due to its high precision, high cost performance, and high performance.
Production product function can 
GS210GP equipment operation display
Applicable scenarios: logistics centers with a large amount of goods, and assembly lines for goods collection and distribution.
· GS300Pro pallet bulk cargo volume measurement
GS300Pro large cargo volume measurement equipment can measure pallet/full pallet/full stack pallet type cargo, multi-sensor matrix overhead design, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance, and can easily respond to the data information collection needs of large cargo.
Production product function can 
Guests understand GS300Pro▲
Applicable scenarios: logistics, shipping company warehouses, and distribution centers with more bulky goods.
The CeMAT logistics exhibition was full of people, and a large number of customers at home and abroad were attracted to the booth of Yifang Technology to stop and watch. This is not only a curiosity about modern logistics technology products, but also a recognition of the forward-looking and practicality of Yifang technology products. .



The exhibition ended successfully

CeMAT ASIA 2021 is a perfect ending . Thanks to colleagues who have supported Xingfang Technology along the way , and also thank you colleagues who have been working hard and silently! Did not forget the early heart, temper forward, the follow-up we will continue to increase R & D investment for the industry to provide more first into efficient cargo was information gathering program, to jointly promote the development of "intelligent logistics"!


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