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Definition and function of Goodscan DWS system

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-19 16:32

DWS System Introduction:
The DWS system is a set of data information collection system including Dimension, Weight and Scanning, used for static and processing packages (cargo).It is a device for barcode scanning, weighing, and image collection and storage of parcels when receiving and dispatching parcels in the logistics industry. Special functions can be customized and developed. It has the characteristics of simple operation, complete functions and high efficiency.The core function of DWS is the volume measurement module. Weighing and scanning codes can be easily done, but there will be different solutions for measuring volume. The best measurement method currently is to use visual measurement, which can adapt to various measurement environments and accuracy. It's relatively tall and smart. This can also improve the efficiency of parcel processing in the express logistics industry, reduce the processing rate, and reduce business costs.
DWS System Function:
1. Provide more accurate data information for the settlement and payment of express parcel freight (such as human evasion, operation error, etc.);
2. Reduce and prevent errors when e-commerce parcels are picked in the warehouse (intentional or unintentional human operation errors);
3. Reduce, prevent the package from being maliciously replaced during the delivery process, or due to mistakes and omissions caused by operating errors;
4. Improve the control and automation level of the parcel warehouse's picking and distribution process, shorten processing time, and improve operation efficiency.
The DWS system is composed of a conveyor belt and a measuring table. The conveyor belt is responsible for conveying the goods, and the measuring table is responsible for measuring various data of the goods. And Goodscan, is the leading supplier of innovative dimensioning weighing scanning systems.It’s our understanding of this that enables us to help you gather data, and thereby apply profit to every single parcel you handle.


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