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What is the role of the weighing and scanning all-in-one machine in intelligent logistics

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-30 14:43

  What is the role of the weighing and scanning all-in-one machine in intelligent logistics

  With the popularization and development of the network, intelligent storage equipment has gradually entered the vision of logistics people, and more and more enterprises have begun to build their own intelligent storage system.

  What are the advantages of intelligent storage system compared with ordinary shelves? What are the common logistics intelligent equipment? Today, Xiao Bian is chatting with everyone.

  AGV automatic forklift

  AGV forklift can be divided into unmanned forklift and manual automatic forklift. Instead of manual handling, AGV forklift can automatically transport the goods to the designated area, realizing intelligent and unmanned logistics transportation and freeing the manual from handling.

  AGV forklift has the characteristics of high-precision positioning, strong practicability, flexible transportation, etc. it can be easily operated without training, and supports port opening and integrated development.

  Data acquisition device

  Through the data acquisition device, the size, volume, weight, bar code and other information of goods can be efficiently collected, so that each goods has "identity", and the data can be shared through the data docking system, laying a data foundation for subsequent sorting and storage.

  Intelligent storage

  The intelligent storage system is mainly an intelligent system composed of three-dimensional shelves, stacker, delivery and warehousing transportation system, information identification system, control and monitoring system. Through the application of all-round control, bus, communication and information technology, it coordinates all equipment to achieve automatic delivery and warehousing operations.

  Intelligent logistics system

  The logistics equipment is controlled by the intelligent logistics system. The intelligent logistics system is responsible for coordinating and linking the equipment, playing a connecting role. Based on the Internet, the efficient operation of the equipment is realized through the automatic intelligent system.

  In the field of cargo data collection, automated logistics DWS equipment is required. Goodscan series volume measurement DWS equipment covers handheld, static, dynamic and large cargo measurement solutions. The best measurement accuracy is ± 1mm and the efficiency can reach 3000 pieces / hour. It can meet the needs of various types of enterprises, help enterprises save labor, reduce operating costs and achieve economic benefit growth.

  Obviously, the purpose of establishing and improving the intelligent storage system is to help enterprises save operating costs, improve operation efficiency and bring more economic benefits to enterprises.

  The above is some content about the intelligent storage system. With the progress of science and technology, enterprises also need to keep up with the times and constantly innovate to better base themselves on society and achieve sustainable development.


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