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Volume measurement DWS equipment accurately collects length, width, height, volume, weight and other information

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-06 15:49

  All e-commerce logistics personnel know that express packages need to collect and calculate item information when entering and leaving the warehouse, including the size, volume, weight, bar code and other information of the goods.

  In order to collect commodity data, many enterprises have adopted automatic logistics DWS equipment in order to achieve efficient logistics operations, among which 3D vision technology is widely used in the industry.

  3D vision is relative to 2D. With the change of social needs, 2D vision can no longer meet the requirements of enterprises for accuracy due to its own limitations. 3D vision is more and more favored by enterprises because of its high precision, high efficiency and other advantages. It has the following advantages:

  It is less affected by the color of the object, and the data is accurately measured

  Support irregular goods, stereo measurement

  Simple structure, easy to install and operate

  Taking the goodscan series weighing and scanning DWS equipment as an example, with 3D vision technology as the core, combined with "3D Remote Sensing + computer vision + photogrammetry" and other technologies, the "weighing + scanning + photogrammetry + system docking" can be realized in 1 s. The measurement accuracy is ± 1mm, and the data can be connected to the system in one step to realize efficient cargo data acquisition.

  Compared with traditional manual measurement of cargo package size data, automatic volume measurement DWS can save more labor and time, save operating costs for enterprises, and create greater economic benefits.

  If you also have the demand of weighing and scanning, the automatic package size measuring instrument of Yifang technology is a good choice.


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