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GS400 truck volume measuring instrument successfully landed, easy collection of on-board cargo data!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-27 17:56


Background of the project

The client is a large-scale state-owned construction company with the Chinese prefix, mainly responsible for the construction of roads, municipal administration, housing construction, water conservancy and hydropower, urban light rail and other aspects. In daily construction operations, it is necessary to collect the volume and weight of goods loaded by trucks for efficient management and refined construction.

Project status

Before cooperating with Yifang Technology, customers have always used traditional manual methods for measurement. There are problems such as low measurement accuracy, complicated steps, long time-consuming, and inability to measure the volume of some irregular materials. The customer hopes to have a fast measurement speed and high accuracy. Solutions with small errors, automated unmanned operations, and data synchronization to the management system.

Project proposals

GS400 is an automatic measurement system developed by Yifang Technology for measuring the volume of on-board cargo. Its measurement range is 20mx4mx3m (length, width and height), and the volume measurement error is within 3%.
GS400 utilizes the lidar device to quickly realize vehicle modeling, automatic identification of vehicle body parts, calculation of loading material volume, associated license plate recognition and weighing system, and save the data to the ERP system with one key.

Project effectiveness

After the GS400 equipment was put on the project site, the actual effects are as follows:
Compared with the unused equipment, the operation method and efficiency of this project have been greatly improved:
  • 1 person to operate the computer, no one to measure automatically

  • Car does not stop, 1s fast measurement, real-time data synchronization system

  • The measurement error is ±50mm, which meets the enterprise error standard

  • Reduced staffing, lower labor costs

Technology anisotropic deep plowing in the field of volume measurement for many years, have strong technical accumulation, it is a national high-tech enterprises, up to now has patents and soft with a total of more than 80, its Goodscan products, from development GS100 to GS400, from The non-contact collection of dynamic and static DWS to truck information can meet various usage scenarios of enterprises.
Yifang Technology has been advancing with the times, striving for perfection, upgrading and innovating, helping companies quickly measure the volume of goods data, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



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