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Machinery manufacturing companies purchase GS210P volume measuring equipment Background of the project

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-16 10:34

  The client is a Japanese manufacturing company that established a branch in Shanghai in 2003, with branches in various cities. As a one-stop purchasing platform for industrial products, its business scope covers various high-quality parts such as FA factory automation, tools/MRO factory consumables, stamping/plastic molds, electrical and electronic components. With the concept of high quality, low cost and short delivery time, we are committed to becoming a solid backing for the manufacturing industry.

Project status

  There are a lot of goods in the warehouse, and manual operations for entering and leaving the warehouse are troublesome and time consuming. If you want to purchase a batch of automated measuring equipment, there are currently some problems as follows:

  The goods are small and many, and the volume and weight of the goods need to be measured one by one, and the warehouse management is carried out;

  The equipment is mostly precision instruments and equipment, which requires high weight measurement accuracy;

  It adopts a manual operation method, which is inefficient and has a high error rate;

  The warehouse space utilization rate is not high, and the waste is serious

  If there is an automated equipment, then both the control of labor costs and the improvement of work efficiency will have a significant effect.

Project proposals

  After the on-site inspection by our professionals, we recommended the solution of the GS210P dynamic vision DWS equipment to the customer, and sent professionals to come to the site for debugging to ensure that the customer can complete the operation of the equipment in the shortest time.

  After the installation and commissioning are completed, the technical staff has carried out professional training for the relevant personnel of the enterprise, and can now operate the equipment proficiently.

Project effectiveness

  After the adoption of the new equipment, the benefits produced by Yifang Goodscan210P basically met customer expectations:

  Labor input is reduced, work efficiency is improved, and overall costs are gradually reduced.

  GS210P accurately measures the volume and weight of goods, with an accuracy of millimeters

  Fully automatic measurement with minimal manual intervention

  One-click data connection to the system, exportable to Excel

  Reduce labor input and improve work efficiency

  Through the data analysis after the measurement, the warehouse storage is reasonably allocated, and the storage rate is greatly improved.

  At present, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment has been officially put into use. For the volume and weight collection requirements of various goods of the enterprise, you can contact Yifang Technology , and we will provide you with a complete cargo information collection plan.



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