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Case丨GS210 dynamic visual volume measurement DWS, directly connected to vehicle transportation Background of the project

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-15 17:15

  The client is an international freight forwarding company in Guangzhou, whose main business includes loading, unloading and handling; a full set of service agents for packing, loading and unloading, and transportation; logistics agency services; warehousing agency services; air freight agency services and other related businesses.

Project status

  The customer's business volume is relatively large, and thousands of goods need to be processed every day. Manually collect the goods, collect the size and weight of the goods, and complete the system upload of the data. This consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources and costs. Large, the company has little benefit, and an efficient logistics solution is urgently needed.

Project proposals

  According to the actual situation of the customer, we understand that the customer's goods need to be directly transferred and loaded on the large truck, so we recommended the GS210M assembly line volume measurement equipment to the customer, which can realize dynamic visual volume measurement.

  Principle: The customer transmits the goods from one end to the GS210M volume and weight information collection device. After the information is collected, it can be directly transmitted to the other end of the loading vehicle, and the loading process is carried out manually.

Project effectiveness

  After the GS210M equipment was put into use, the customer’s labor input for collecting cargo data was reduced by 2/3. Originally, it took at least 30s to manually measure the volume and weight, take pictures, and then upload and load the data. Now it only takes about 2s to complete the data. Collecting and loading, the efficiency is increased by up to 30 times, and the gain is obvious:

  Reduce labor input and cost

  Efficiency increased by 30 times, saving time

  The measurement accuracy is millimeter level, and the error is reduced



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