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Customer case|Yifang GS300pro helps pallet bulk measurement

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-20 17:47

Client: A well-known logistics company in Shanghai

This customer is located in Shanghai, and is a well-known domestic logistics service provider and a leading enterprise in the express highway industry. The warehouse area under operation and management exceeds 360,000 square meters, providing high-quality warehousing and supply chain services for major e-commerce companies.

Facing problem
When the customer collects the goods, the bill is generally based on the weight, but the measurement of blister goods, irregular goods and bulky goods is often not accurate enough. In order to accurately assess the cost and optimize the later transportation process , the customer will conduct a second review of the weight data of the goods during the goods warehousing process, but the lack of cargo volume information causes the effect of the second review operation to fail to meet expectations.

A certain warehouse of the customer mainly provides warehousing services for pallet goods, and the above problems are more prominent. The maximum pallet length and width of the warehouse is: 150*150cm, and the volume and weight of each pallet need to be measured, bound with the barcode of the goods, and uploaded to the customer system.


Yifang Technology Implementation Plan
As a leading domestic cargo volume measurement expert, Yifang Technology is one of the few domestic service providers that can provide pallet bulk measurement solutions. Yifang Technology provides customers with the Goodscan300Pro whole pallet measurement solution, which can build Goodscan300Pro equipment in a fixed position in the customer’s warehouse. Customers only need to use the trailer to place the pallet goods in the corresponding position, and then use the scanner to scan the barcode of the goods, which can be quickly automated Collect the volume and weight data of the cargo and upload it to the customer system to provide powerful data support for the later storage space optimization and truck loading optimization.

Regardless of whether it is regular or irregular pallet goods, accurate volume data can be measured by the foreign Goodscan300Pro. Compared with the previous manual measurement + manual entry, which is cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone, it greatly improves work efficiency and saves labor. cost.


The above picture shows employees of Yifang Technology set up equipment at the customer site. After receiving the customer's demand, Yifang Technology responded quickly and provided a suitable plan. The equipment construction and commissioning were completed in 2 days.
Customer benefits

1. One-stop collection of pallet cargo volume, weight, photos and other information;

2. Quickly and automatically collect data + input system to realize seamless data connection;
3. Improve work efficiency and save labor costs;
4. The data collected through the equipment is used to optimize the warehouse space and subsequent transportation processes;
Introduction of Yifang Technology GS300Pro

Goodscan300Pro whole pallet measurement DWS equipment, using mature 3D measurement technology and algorithm, provides one-step volume information (Dimension), weight information (Weight), barcode information (Scanning) acquisition program, and passed the measurement accuracy certification of the national authority.

Goodscan300Pro uses forklifts or conveyor lines to deliver goods to the pallet DWS system platform scale. The automated and fast measurement method effectively improves the pallet handling process in the shipping dock and warehouse, and optimizes the warehouse space management and calculation cost settlement.


Yifang Technology GS300Pro Installation
A variety of installation methods can be selected according to the site conditions: ceiling installation, wall installation, ground single bracket installation, ground gantry installation.
Yifang Technology GS300Pro product parameters
name GS300Pro
Measuring principle 3D vision measurement
Measuring square sensor Two 4-hole depth sensors
Measuring object shape Regular & Irregular Objects
Measuring range 300*300*300~1500*1500*2000mm
Average accuracy ±20mm
Measuring speed 1-2 seconds/piece
Weighing range ≤1000Kg
Weighing accuracy ±0.5kg
operating system Win7 system/Win10 system
Data output Excel/Http/TCP/Serial port
Scanable barcode One-dimensional barcode/two-dimensional code
Storage function 64G; support to store each cargo photo
Weighing output interface RS232
Product Composition The whole machine frame, painted or sprayed; measuring module (measuring lens, data cable, software dog); weighing module (display instrument, weighing sensor, data cable, power adapter); code scanning gun

At present, Yifang Technology’s Goodscan300Pro equipment has been officially used by customers and has been well received by customers, highlighting the strength and status of Yifang Technology as an "industry-leading volume measurement expert" .



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