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Customer case丨Yifang GS210P new generation of fast dynamic vision DWS equipment was delivered, with obvious gains!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-20 17:47

Customer background

Kerry Container Lines was established in 2003. It is a large-scale logistics company that developed earlier in China. It mainly undertakes the transportation agency business of air and sea import and export goods and exhibits, including: cargo soliciting, booking space, charter flights, receiving and distributing , Container LCL, packaging, warehousing, customs declaration, inspection declaration, inspection declaration and ground transportation services, and handle the international air express business of documents (excluding letters), printed matter, samples, small parcels, etc.
The customer who purchased Goodscan210P this time is the Shenzhen Longgang Branch of Kerry Container Lines. Its business involves aviation logistics, import and export freight forwarding including container consolidation, packaging, warehousing and other fields.

Project status

The company’s logistics operations are in the form of assembly lines, which are not highly mechanized, and are mainly manual operations, and the cost is relatively high; for bulky cargo volume information collection is difficult, slow, inefficient, and error-prone; manual data is required after data measurement is completed It is entered into the internal system and cannot be managed under labeling.

Project proposals

As a leading domestic cargo volume measurement expert, Yifang Technology provides customers with Goodscan210P a new generation of fast dynamic vision DWS solution based on the actual needs of customers and on-site understanding.
Picture: Staff come to debug equipment to ensure stable operation
Goodscan210P adopts 3D vision + AI technology, which can be connected to the assembly line to realize the measurement of the volume of the goods. It can also achieve millimeter-level accuracy for the measurement of the volume of large goods. It only takes 1s to generate data printing labels, automatically take pictures and archives, and upload data to the customer system. It can be exported and viewed in real time.

Regardless of whether it is regular or irregular goods, small or large goods, accurate volume and weight data can be measured by Yifang Technology Goodscan210P. Compared with the previous manual measurement data + input, manual intervention is greatly reduced, and the measurement is shortened. Time, work efficiency has improved significantly .

Project effectiveness

At present, the Goodscan210P equipment of Yifang Technology has been delivered to normal use, and the gains are obvious after the equipment is put into use:
  • Docking the assembly line, automatically complete the cargo volume detection, with little manual intervention;
  • One-stop collection and entry of cargo volume and weight information into the system;
  • Use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode, and manage the data labelling;
  • The measurement is accurate, and the data is accurate to the millimeter level;
  • It can also accurately measure the volume of large cargo and convex cargo;
  • Efficiency improvement, the fastest 1s/time, saving labor costs;
Yifang Technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of cargo volume measurement, and has passed the certification of the national authoritative measurement agency.
The Goodscan series of products independently developed by Yifang Technology integrate 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and other technologies, which can collect data quickly and accurately, and realize "measurement + weighing + scanning + photographing + calculation + system in one step. Docking" .
Yifang Technology’s Goodscan series products are widely used in logistics, e-commerce, supermarkets , medical, manufacturing, trade, air freight, overseas warehousing and other fields, which can effectively help companies reduce costs , improve efficiency , and facilitate subsequent cargo stowage and warehousing. Planning, capacity scheduling, and other processes, to achieve refined operations .
Goodscan100 handheld PDA
Take a picture to collect cargo information
Goodscan200 desktop measuring equipment
Fully automatic scanning measurement
Goodscan300 bulk goods measuring equipment

The whole pallet super large cargo measurement collection

Yifang Technology has also cooperated with well-known companies such as JD.com, Wal-Mart, Yonghui Supermarket, Anta, etc., and won their approval, and its products are sold at home and abroad.



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