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Good news丨GS300Max pallet cargo measuring equipment delivered again

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-11-08 10:38

Background of the project

The client is an enterprise dealing in daily necessities, office supplies, hardware and electrical appliances and craft products. In the process of production and sales, it is necessary to collect the size, volume, weight and other information of the packaged goods in order to realize the rapid storage and delivery of the goods , Improve the overall work efficiency.

Project status

The warehouse of the enterprise needs to enter and leave a certain amount of raw materials and finished goods every day. It needs to record the volume, weight, barcode and other information of each goods, and enter it into the enterprise management system in real time to realize the efficient collection and sorting of goods information.
As the daily business volume of the company continues to increase, the warehouse is under-staffed, and its drawbacks are gradually revealed:
  • Increased workload and increased pressure on entry and exit

  • There are errors in manual measurement data, which does not match the actual

  • Manual entry of cargo data is prone to errors

Because of these problems, the warehouse cannot perform normal operations, which directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, the customer seeks help from Yifang Technology, hoping that we can provide an efficient cargo data information collection program.

Project proposals

After in-depth communication, Yifang Technology learned that most of the customers' cargo types are pallet-type bulk goods. Based on the actual situation, we recommend the GS300MAX bulk goods data collection program for customers:
Picture: Introduction to GS300MAX
GS300MAX is an integrated weighing and scanning code machine developed by Yifang Technology for bulk measurement. It adopts a gantry matrix installation and multiple lens sensors for joint measurement. The size measurement accuracy can reach ±2cm.
Picture: Installation site picture

Project effectiveness

At present, GS300MAX equipment has been installed and delivered to customers for use in logistics operations. The previous situation has been effectively improved:
  • Easily collect pallet bulk data

  • Acquisition speed 2s/piece, more efficient

  • The data is accurate and the error is controlled within ±2cm

  • Measurement data can be synchronized management system

Anisotropic Technology Goodscan series volume measuring equipment, covers hand-held measurement, static, dynamic and large cargo measurement solutions, bid farewell to the cumbersome manual operation, only to quickly realize 1s "weighing the amount of square + + + + camera system scan code docking" function , The measurement accuracy is confirmed to be up to millimeter level by the national authority, which can meet the needs of most enterprises for volume measurement.
In the current environment of high labor costs and low corporate benefits, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment can effectively help companies reduce labor input, improve operational efficiency, and promote economic benefits. If you are interested, please contact me backstage!



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