• About Goodscan

    Shenzhen City branch of science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovative enterprises, its research and development of Goodscan series of products, can quickly and accurately obtain rules (irregular) cargo volume, weight, bar code and other information.

    The Goodscan device can also be used as a logistics information collection entrance, combined with the "Internet plus", the use of logistics big data can realize "recommended minimum package", "reasonable planning capacity", "truck precise scheduling and other functions, help enterprises to reduce cost in the whole process.

  • Product introduction

    For different scenarios, Goodscan has three product lines flexible response.

    Goodscan 100

    Mobile handheld devices

    Handy shot

    Goodscan 200

    Mobile acquisition workbench
    A key access to commodity attributes

    Goodscan 300

    Bar code / volume / weight
    Acquisition equipment

  • We are committed to...

    *Better measurement experience*

    One key measurement

    Auto Archive

    *Lower measurement cost*

    Less manual

    Less time

    Higher integration

    *More professional measurement services*

    Packaging recommendation

    Spatial optimization

    Cargo management

  • Customized demand

    Special measurement requirements? Contact us to get customized solutions.